Uptown, Downtown Lyrics

Off-Broadway Musical
Marry Me a Little - Uptown, Downtown Lyrics

(cut from Follies the Musical)
(written by Stephen Sondheim - Uptown Downtown lyrics)

Now this is the tale of the dame known as Harriet
Who climbed to the top of the heap from the bottom
A beautiful life was her aim and to vary it
She wanted the sun and the moon and she got 'em

She isn't the least exhausted from her climb
But she does look back from time to time
And the subject of this evening's quiz
Is who she was and who she is

She's stepping out with a swell
She's holding hands on the El
Hyphenated Harriet:
The nouveau from New Rochelle

She's got the Vanderbilt clans
She's with the sidewalk Cezannes
Hyphenated Harriet:
The nouveau from New Rochelle

She sits at the Ritz with her splits of Mumms
And starts to pine for a stine with her Village chums
But with the schlitz in her mitts down in Fitzroy's Bar
She thinks of the Ritz, so it's so schizo

It's Harry Winston she needs
It's strictly zircons and beads
Ask her:
Should she be uptown or down?
She two of the most miserable girls in town

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