Mrs Henderson Presents - We Never Closed (Reprise) Lyrics

2016 West End
Mrs Henderson Presents the Musical - We Never Closed (Reprise) Lyrics

"We Never Closed (Reprise)" is a song performed by The Company from Mrs Henderson Presents the musical.

We never closed, we kept our word
Shutting up shop, the whole idea was quite absurd
The Windmill was a way of life
And loved by everyone, well maybe not the wife

The theatre is a sacred place
There’s not a tragedy the actors cannot face
The theatre’s for a different ilk
As comforting as more [?] mother’s milk

Our lives may be a pipe dream
The fantasy of fools
The way we dealt with real life
Was to tear up all our rules

The theatre’s here to save us all
Our worlds are flaming, hear our 30 minute call
The stage door is a magic door
Go through it and you’ll find your [?] forevermore

The [?]
(The [?])
The Albert Hall
(The Albert Hall)
Oh, we still get a thrill at every curtain call

[Backing lyrics begin here but are inaudible]
It’s life
(It’s life)
As long as stars come out at night,
We’ll never close!

Ah, ah, ah, ah

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We Never Closed (Reprise) lyrics from Mrs Henderson Presents the Musical