Mythic - Sweet Summer Days Lyrics

London 2017
Mythic the Musical - Sweet Summer Lyrics

Persephone lived on Earth
Persephone lived on Earth
Persephone lived on Earth
Persephone had never seen the other gods
Persephone was kept away from other gods

Except one!

When I was small
My mum was like a god to me

Which is odd to say
'Cause her mom is an actual god

What I mean is
I worshiped her
We were close as we could be

Two peas in a pod

But I'm older now
And things are weird
Like no one can see my worth
'Cause my mother is
The mother of the Earth

Praise be Demeter
Mother of the Earth
Praise be Demeter
Spirit of rebirth
Since the Earth began it
'Cause we're harvesting the planet
And Demeter is the mother of the Earth

Sweet summer days
That's the only gift I have to offer
I bring the sweet summer haze
Sun is high
The hours fly
It's perfect here
Beneath my clear blue sky

Life on Olympus had made me so resentful
I left that life and the gods behind
I needed my peace of mind
And now my life on the Earth is uneventful
Laying low and caring for humankind

I bring them sweet summer days
That's all that I want not fame and power
Because of me summer stays
The clouds go by
All worries fly
I'm happy here
Beneath my clear blue sky

DEMETER: (spoken)
Persephone, it's your first official day of harvest training.
Can you believe it?
My little girl, taking over the family biz?
I mean, I can't do it forever

PERSEPHONE: (spoken)
You're immortal

DEMETER: (spoken)
Well, I may want to retire, okay?

You'll plant the crops in the fields and keep them growing
Each day you'll lay down the morning dew

You'll bury some dead squirrels too

And every three weeks or so the grass needs mowing
Baby what a life I've laid out for you

Sweet summer days
Don't you see I made them to protect you
The gods on high can roll on by

And if they come to Earth
Then you stay out of sight
You have to trust me
We don't mingle with their crowd
Those gods they don't know wrong from right
I scorned them and took flight

So you'd have sweet summer days
Far away from heartache and confusion
Here where the sweet summer stays
So follow my
Sweet lullaby
You're stayin' here
Beneath my clear blue sky

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