Nine - Contini Submits Lyrics

2003 Broadway revival
Nine the Musical - Contini Submits Lyrics

Guido Contini submits that the flops aren’t hits
Because no one is willing
To film a romantic spectacular
That’ll use the vernacular.
And he says furthermore that the present’s a bore,
But historically speaking,
More interesting subjects are myriad in a period.
Contani contends that the past
Makes the present look dull and half-assed.
Let other directors
Investigate sectors of image and meaning
Once commonly thought of as current,
‘Cause they aren’t-and weren’t.
Contani suggests
That today’s not the best,
But that yesterday’s better
And ‘longer ago is still betterer.
Et cetera, et cetera.
And now i have found the right location
That perfectly suits this new creation,
A picture so broad and serpentining ,
That it will contain a world of meaning.
And it’s’ already here in front of my nose.
This is the answer to what i propose.
Venice by’ day-venice by night,
Right where i am is terrific’ly right.
Everybody on the set for rehearsal with lights!

Curtain opens to reveal the Spa people as Guido’s Venetian
Company. Luisa sits watching; Guido throws her a kiss.

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