Life Story Lyrics

A musical by Adam Gwon
Ordinary Days - Life Story Lyrics

This is a photograph I found on the street,
Oh, a year ago.
A wrinkled old photograph of a guy and a girl on the beach.
He’s got her hand in his hand and all seems well.
I think they’re both smiling, it’s hard to tell.
There’s a crease and a tear masking secrets of their life story.

This is an unopened Valentine I found one September.
I left it unopened, afraid it would lose its mystique.
See, there’s a heart on the front drawn in faded ink.
You can’t read the name, but it made me think.
Are these people aware they’ve lost pieces of their life story?

I was walking tonight like I usually walk
Through those benches outside Union Square
When all of a sudden I tripped over something
And look, it was this little book

This book is different from most things
I’ve found for one reason.
Yes, it looks old.
But there’s proof someone dropped this today.
You’ll notice the cover is missing, the font antique.
The pages are yellowed, but what’s unique
Are the notes in the margins in ballpoint, I’d guess
And here’s today’s date and an email addresss
A life story
A life story
A life story

[Thanks to Charley for lyrics]

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