Dear Professor Thompson (Part 1) Lyrics

A musical by Adam Gwon
Ordinary Days - Dear Professor Thompson (Part 1) Lyrics

Here's my room at school, right?
Where I keep tucked away
Virginia Wolf and me, this is where we stay
Modern Lit is dense, right?
But everything's okay
I'm working on my thesis everyday
Now since my laptops verging on collapse
I keep long hand notes and xerox scraps in a handbound book
That drips with old school flair
But this unique approach can be a drag
When you keep the whole thing in your bag
And suddenly the goddamn things not there
It's not there
It's not there
It's not there
It's not there
It's not there
It's not there
It's not there

Dear professor thompson, this is deb, you're my advisor
I am writing you to ask a little favor
I know when we first met you made it very,
Very clear that under no circumstances be they medical emotion,
No formilal or chronic
Could we ever ever turn in something late
But dear professor thompson, i've a little situation
And i'm hoping you will show a little mercy on me
And grant me an extension on the first step of my thesis
Thanks in advance
(says) shit

[Thanks to Christopher for lyrics]

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