Let Things Go Lyrics

A musical by Adam Gwon
Ordinary Days - Let Things Go Lyrics

How does this happen? All your life
You think the space you’ve got is not enough.
But then you open your closet door and think,
“My life must be more than the sum of this stuff.”
Something moves you from within.
Like, say, your boyfriend moving in.
And that’s how you begin to let things go.
You look up at that shelf and you tell yourself to let things go.
And next thing you know…..

You are standing amidst your whole entire history
And you’re strewing it across the floor.
You’ve got out-of-date planners and dog-eared postcards
And think, “What in God’s name was I keeping these for?”
Packed in boxes just in case
But now I really need the space
So I’m gonna clean this place and let things go.
I’m determined to clear out some room in here and let things go.
I’m letting it go

All of these years and years of junk and flotsam
Plastic souvenirs, why, look, I’ve got some.
Birthday cards, a pamphlet on Van Gough
I should’ve done this years ago.

But somehow I’ve been petrified
To see what’s been kept inside these chests and drawers
It’s so very strange finding stuff from a lifetime ago
Even when the life you find is yours.
‘Cause there are things that make you feel
That you need this proof your past was real.
And you can’t let them go
So back into boxes they go

How does this happen?
You tear up your apartment just to put it back together again
Jason will be fine
We’ll get creative with our space so that all of our things fit together and then
My whole life can stay in there
Well, he’s got to put his shoes somewhere
Ugh! Why can’t I be some other Claire
Who can just let things go?
I mean, I said I would try and I did
But I can’t let things go
You know Martha Stewart, I’m not her
I’m gonna let things go back where they were.

[Thanks to Charley for lyrics]

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Ordinary Days Let Things Go Lyrics