The Space Between Lyrics

A musical by Adam Gwon
Ordinary Days - The Space Between Lyrics

There were fourteen blocks between her place and mine
I walked those blocks every single day
I started feeling with each passing sign
That she was living too far away
I got to her place and said, “We’ve been together a year.
Wouldn’t it be genius if I lived, well, right here.”
I got one of her priceless stares, but said,
“Honey, haven’t you noticed there’s
All this space between
Where I leave my house and I see your face.
All this space between
When I buzzed your door and then we embrace.”
I must’ve flashed my sexy grin
‘Cause next thing you know I am moving in with her

Yeah, this is her apartment.
And yeah, it’s filled with all her stuff.
But setting up and squeezing in, that’s my department
So if I move her favorite chair, I can get my desk in there
Slide her sofa to the right so we won’t stub our toes at night
Mere our two apartments into one
And we’ll feel like we’ve begun

Oh! So I rip the tape off this cardboard box
And lay my claim on a dresser drawer
I say goodbye to those fourteen blocks
Now just imagine what lies in store

The city’d gotten me down
But that’s ‘cause I should’ve known
You really don’t want to do New York alone
The best thing I ever did
Might be saying, “Screw it!” and getting rid of the
Space between
Me and the girl I can’t get out of my head
All the space between
The moment we’re in and what’s lying ahead
I’ve been waiting for something here
But now I’m rushing toward the future and I’m leaping clear
Of the space between.

[Thanks to Charley for lyrics]

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Ordinary Days Lyrics The Space Between