No One Has Ever Loved Me

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Passion - No One Has Ever Loved Me Lyrics

No one has ever loved me
As deeply as you.
No one has truly shown me
What love could be like until now:

Not pretty or safe or easy
But more than I ever knew.
Love within reason -
That isn't love.
And I've learned that from you...
Are you cold?
No, I'm afraid.
Of what?
All this happiness,
Coming when there's so little time.
Too much happiness
More than I can bear.
I pray for the strength to enjoy it.
You'll leave tomorrow.
This is the only time we have.
You do love me, don't you?
Yes, I love you.
Say it again.
I love you.
Once more.
I love you.
Be calm. Be strong. I am yours.
This isn't a dream?
This isn't a dream.
(She begins to lead him towards the bed but Giorgio resists)
No, Fosca, we can't.
To die loved is to have lived.
(They kiss. Fosca becomes weak, and Giorgio lifts
her and carries her to the bed where he gently puts
her down. He stares at her momentarily; her strength
returns and she pulls him onto the bed as the music swells and the lights fade.)

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Passion No One Has Ever Loved Me Lyrics,
No One Has Ever Loved Me Passion Lyrics