Red, Hot and Blue - Red, Hot and Blue Lyrics

1936 Broadway
Red, Hot and Blue the Musical - Red Hot and Blue Lyrics

Due to the tragic lowness of my brow,
All music that's highbrow,
Gets me upset.
Each time I hear a strain of Stravinsky's
I hurry to Minsky's
And try to forget.
I don't like Schubert's music or Schumann's,
I'm one of those humans
Who only goes in for Berlin or Vincent Youmans;
I'm for the guy that eludes
Bach's sonatas and Chopin's preludes;
So when some nice man I meet,
I always murmur, tout d'suite.

If you want to thrill me and drill me for your crew,
Sing me a melody that's Red, Hot and Blue.
Before you expand on that grand cottage for two,
Sing me a melody that's Red, Hot and Blue.
I can't take Sibelius or Delius,
But I'd swear I'd throw my life away for Calloway.
So when we're all set and I get married to you,
Don't let that violin start playing Lohengrin,
It may be sweet and sin but it's not Red, Hot and Blue.

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