Ratatouille - Kitchen Tango Lyrics

2021 Benefit Concert
Ratatouille The TikTok Musical - Kitchen Tango Lyrics

COLETTE: (spoken)
You think cooking is a cute job, huh?
Like Mommy in the kitchen?
Well, Mommy never had to face the dinner rush
when orders come flooding in
and every dish is different and none are simple
and all have different cooking times
and must arrive at the customers' tables at exactly the same time, hot and perfect.
Every second counts and you cannot be Mommy, do you understand?

LINGUINI: (spoken)
Not particularly

COLETTE: (spoken)
Oh, mon dieu. You are such a stupid boy!

LINGUINI: (spoken)

Listen to me
If you want to makе it in the kitchen (Yes, ma'am)
You can't just flail your arms around (Right, got it)
Mon pеtit, Time to focus (Okay)
Stop and listen (Will do)
'Cause there's a million things you have to know about

'Cause you know the customer is who we think about
So every decision we make is based on
How they want to feel today
Which is what? (Good?)
Right, so I think you know what we have to do

Step one, make sure your station is prepped and cleaned
We don't want dirty pots or dirty dishes
Clean the counter, wash your surface
Make sure the ingredients are all laid out in front of you
You know what you're making
Which is why you need the recipe
Pre-heat your oven, set your timer
Turn the lights on, make your meal
But make it quickly, so when they get their food
They didn't have to wait an hour
And then clean your station once you're done
And prep it for another one
And mince your garlic thinly
Don't complain 'bout anything
And don't you dare forget to wash your tiny hands
Did you get that?

LINGUINI: (spoken)
I think so

COLLETTE: (spoken)
C’est bon

LINGUINI: (spoken)
I don’t know if I can keep up with her, little rat chef
Can you help me?
Okay, but promise you will do what she says. Capishe?
No, no, no no no! This is not part of the deal!

COLLETTE: (spoken)
What are you doing?

LINGUINI: (spoken)
I don’t know!

COLLETTE: (spoken)
Stop that!

LINGUINI: (spoken)
I’m sorry! I don’t know what I’m doing!

COLLETTE: (spoken)
Do as I tell you!

LINGUINI: (spoken)
Stop that, I can’t control myself!

COLLETTE: (spoken)
You are such a pain in the butt!

LINGUINI: (spoken)
Knock it off!

COLLETTE: (spoken)
Let me do what I have to do!

LINGUINI: (spoken)
I’m sorry, I can’t explain it!

'Cause you know the customer is who we think about
So every decision we make is based on
How they want to feel today
I will not deal with this today
'Cause cleanliness and manners
Be polite, don't have a temper
Make it speedy, make it fast
'Cause good reviews and perfect dinners
Are all on you


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