Ratatouille - Remember My Name Lyrics

2021 Benefit Concert
Ratatouille The TikTok Musical - Remember My Name Lyrics

The song is written by Daniel Mertzlufft and Kate Leonard.

Am I really at Gusteau's?
Can it actually be?
I was looking for a sign and got a 20-foot marquee

I've been dreaming of a life
Where I'm not just getting by
So now that I'm here I'm aiming high
I'll boil and broil and fry
'Til my name's the one in the sky

Paris, I hope you're ready for Remy's haute cuisine
With service and presentation like no one's ever seen
This epicure in miniature will set your hearts aflame
And the world will remember my name

REMY: (spoken)
Linguini knocked over Skinner's gourmet soup and ruined everything.
He tried to fix it, but Linguini was a terrible cook

GUSTEAU: (spoken)
Go down there and fix it!

REMY: (spoken)
So I did

Hear the clang of copper pots
Take a whiff of that mirepoix
See the final sprig of tarragon that makes the big ta-da!
This is where I'm meant to be
This is what I must pursue
So I won't let a narrow-minded view
Determine what vermin can do
Look out 'cause this rat's coming through

Oh Paris, I hope you're ready for Remy's restaurant
With style and innovation that's truly au currant
This rodentine nouvelle cuisine is gonna change the game
And the world will remember my name

I'll wow all my guests with the dishes I'm trying
Not writing new rules, merely rat-ifying
From maillard reactions to flavor extractions
I'll prove what I knew all along
I can be special
A rat can be special
My family was wrong

Paris, I hope you're ready for Remy on the rise
With passion and perseverance surprising for his size
This gastronome is finally home and ready to proclaim
That the world will remember my name

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Remember My Name Lyrics Ratatouille the Musical