Ratatouille - Anyone Can Cook Lyrics

2021 Benefit Concert
Ratatouille The TikTok Musical - Anyone Can Cook Lyrics

Anyone can cook
Anyone can cook
All you have to do is look inside yourself
Anyone can cook
You could even write a book
It could sit right next to mine there on the shelf

Don't let a soul try to tell you how to broil or braise
A casserole can be droll, but if you want to amaze
Try some wine, it's divine, when it's time to deglaze!
'Cause anyone can have some fun and anyone can cook
Ah, anyone can cook
Bon appetit!

REMY: (spoken)
Watching that commercial changed my life!

It's a simple little motto but it lit a spark in me
And it led to an adventure in a restaurant in Paris
Steering a cook to boil a pot
Not that I'm trying to spoil the plot
(Not Remy, not Remy the rat)
If you're looking for a one-rat show, then this would not be it
My tale is pro rata so the billing will be split
Presenting this ensemble at my side
The characters you'll meet along our wild ride
Here we have Linguini, he's a cook without a clue
Fiery Collette will help him learn a thing or two
Chef Skinner is a sneak, and Ego writes critique
Let's get to the rats
I love my goofy brother, but Emile is not a foodie
And when I mention cooking, it just makes my father moody
But all I needed to change the world
Was a chance to cook (to dance)

Rat-ical songs for rat-ical rats
Rat-ical songs for rat-ical rats

REMY: (spoken)
So you see, my story is about working together,
following your dreams and letting the little guy talk.
Or sing. It might be a bit large for a rat but I think I can do it.
I think. No, I know. Chef Gusteau said it himself

Anyone can cook
Anyone can cook
You can do it all you have to do is try
Anyone can cook
Food will come to those who cook
If you will it, you can grill it, boil or fry
If you believe in yourself, there's not a thing you can't do
Put some stock in your future, and then simmer that stew
Coq a vin in the pan, try some wine, it's divine
Put your game to the frame, because anyone can have some fun
And anyone can cook!


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Anyone Can Cook Lyrics Ratatouille the Musical