Sail Away - When You Want Me Lyrics

1962 West End
Sail Away the Musical - When You Want Me Lyrics

Composer and lyricist Noel Coward.

I'll have to get the bees and birds to tell you
That I've loved you from the start,
I simply haven't got the words to tell you
What is truly in my heart,
Joking apart.

When you want me-if you want me
Call me-call me-if you care.
When you need me-if you need me
Say so-say so-I'll be there.
I've nothing but my heart to bring to you,
No money but a questing mind,
But if this little song I sing to you
Means a thing to you
Please be kind.
When you're lonely-if you're lonely
Call me-call me-anyhow.
If you want me-need me-love me
Tell me,
Tell me,
Tell me now!

I'll love you longer that The Forsyte Saga
And I'll tremble at your frown.

I'd like to cable to Balenciaga
To prepare your wedding gown,
Don't let me down.

When you
Want me,
If you
Want me,
Call me,
Call me.

If you care.

I've got an answer service.

When you
Need me,
If you
Need me,
Say so,
Say so.

I'll be there.

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When You Want Me Lyrics Sail Away