Sister Act the Musical - I Could Be That Guy Lyrics

2009 West End
Sister Act the Musical - I Could Be That Guy Lyrics

[Sweaty Eddie.]
Sweaty Eddie!
All of my life, that's what they've called me, and that's what I've been.
The blur in the background, the king of uncool.
The first at the office, the last in the pool.
And it's tuae.
But what can I do?
Tell me, why can't she see there's much more to me deep within?
Picture a guy, a knight in rhinestone armor.
Gleam in his eye, a zillion-watt smile.
Sharp threads, moves that get 'em starin'.
A turner of heads, cool beyond comparin'.
Bringin' the pride with a spring in his stride, and a fistful of style!

And I…
I could be that guy.
I could be the cock of the walk, and the talk of the town.
Leadin' the pack when the action goes down!
Yeah, I –
I'll betcha I could set the world astir.
If I only let myself try, well, I could be that guy –
for her.

Foolish, I know (oh, no!)
I've never been a charmer.
(Charm her, charm her, charm her)
Just can't let go - (ooh - let go!)
But if I could
I would show 'em, but good.
That I…
I could be that guy!
I could be the dude all in white, bathed in light on the floor.
Livin' out loud as the crowd shouts for more!

Yes, I…
I could holler "yes!" to destiny!
Time to step out.
No more fear, no more doubt.
It's time to grow some wings and start to fly!

(Oh, I…)
Oh, I…
(I could be that guy)
I just gotta relieve
I just gotta, gotta,
(I could be that guy)
gotta believe.
(I could be that guy)
lf I'd only believe,
(I could be that guy)
if i'd only believe,
(I could be that guy)
that I…
Yes, I could be that guy!

I could be the cream of the crop set to pop!
All the rage!
Blistering hot in a spot center stage.
Yes, I…
I got what it takes (hey!) to break away! (break away!)

[Aw, who am I kidding? I’ll always be Sweaty Eddie to her.]

But before it's my time to die, hell, I will be that guy, someday.
Ooh, maybe someday… maybe someday.

Sister Act I Could Be That Guy Lyrics

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