I'd Fuck Me Lyrics

Broadway 2005
Silence! the Musical - I'd Fuck Me Lyrics

I’d Fuck Me
Would you fuck me?  I’d fuck me
I’d fuck me hard.  I’d fuck me so hard
Screaming from afar – getting on my nerves
Hey, you in the mirror with a lovely set of curves.
Such a pretty face, full inviting lips
Multiple tattoos, child bearing hips.
There’s a whole lot of fish in the sea, but none of those bitches are me.
Take a chance.  Never know in the end if you’re gonna get lucky.
Would you fuck me?
I’d fuck me hard, I’d fuck myself so fucking hard.
This butterfly shed its cocoon; it’s spreading its wings straight for the stars.
Once I’ve cut off the meat, I’ll be ready, complete and I’d fuck me – so hard.

Lipstick and mascara, nipple with a ring,
Close to being done, let me hide my thing.
I’d buy me a drink, get lost in my eyes
I’d flirt and I’d wink.  I’d seduce me with lies.
The guys at the bar, they’d ignore me; they dodge me and duck me.
But now they’d fuck me. I’d fuck me too.
I’d fuck me, fucking black and blue
This basement’s a castle and release the king or is it queen?  Either way I’m in charge
Once I finish the dress, I’ll be perfect, the best. Why would anyone want less?
Ask me out – the answer’s yes.  Yes, I’d fuck me – so hard.
(girl) Hey asshole, thank you for the scraps
Instead I think I’ll set a trap.
I’m probably doomed but I just got a brilliant idea:
Precious, come here…
I’d fuck me.  I’d fuck me well
I’d fuck me til I burn in hell
I’d have me, I’d do me, I’d rape me, I’d screw me
And then in the back of a car, I would stalk me, I’d chase me,
When the guy chased me I won’t have to look very far.
I’ll be grateful, complacent, come back in my basement and fuck me – so hard.

[Thanks to Scott Tatum for lyrics]

Silence! The Musical I'd Fuck Me Lyrics

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