Let's Be Bad
Bombshell: The New Marilyn Musical from Smash
Let's Be Bad Lyrics Smash

If I drown in baths of Gin,
Notify my next of kin,
In my grave, and next of...
Let's Be Bad

Who wants plays and O'Neill dramas?
Gershwin is the cat's pajamas!
I'm the Queen of the Red Hot Mamas,
Let's Be Bad

Each crook and G-Man,
Is poppin' He-man
Just stick with me, man!
If he tried to joop, if he lip op yoop,
And just like Judas when he sep de loop.

Here's the key for my ignition,
Hit the gas to my transmission!
When you hear the things I'm wishin',
You won't offer opposition!
Let's prohibit prohibition!
Let's Be Bad!

Some like it hot and that ain't bad!

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