On Lexington & 52nd Street
Bombshell: The New Marilyn Musical from Smash
On Lexington & 52nd Street Lyrics Smash

Hurry hurry step right up,
See the star who lives for the spotlight,
Turn the mics and cameras on
Or she feels incomplete.

Now before it hits the screen,
Watch us play the final scene,
Right here
On Lexington and 52nd street.

It is chaos down here on 52nd and Lexington!
The film star, Miss Marilyn Monroe,
Brings Hollywood to Manhattan as she films
Billy Wilder's Seven Year Itch.

Hurry all you faceless men,
And catch the end of a match of the century,
You're just in time for the final round,
'cause I know when I'm beat..

See the girl who's become a joke,
see the man whose heart she broke,
right here on Lexington and 52nd street..

From Hollywood to Niagara Falls,
In barber shops and ballroom walls,
The things I thought were only mine,
Are up for grabs so get in line...

Hurry hurry take a peak,
The traffic stops for the queen of the movies,
The center fold live in the flesh,
So get a ringside seat...

You wanna see what her husband sees,
Just wait for the next subway breeze,
Right here, on Lexington and 52nd street..

Joe! Joe..! Where's Joe?... Joe?

Hurry hurry going fast,
Watch the fool as he heads for the exit,
He sees what she has to have,
And he cannot compete..
See the girl who's ten feet high,
See the man who's learned to cry,
Right here... on Lexington and 52nd

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On Lexington & 52nd Street lyrics,
Smash On Lexington & 52nd Street