God, I Hate Shakespeare (Reprise) Lyrics

Broadway's musical (2015)
Something Rotten the Musical - God, I Hate Shakespeare (Reprise) Lyrics

"God I Hate Shakespeare (Reprise)" is a song from Something Rotten! performed by Brian d'Arcy James (Nick).

God, I hate Shakespeare
But when I sit and really contemplate Shakespeare
I guess I hate the fact that he is everything I ever dreamed that I could be
I mostly hate the way he makes me feel about me
Cause the truth is

It wouldn't be that bad to be Shakespeare
In fact, I'd give my left gnad to be Shakespeare
If I could only have one tiny little smidgen of his notoriety
It would relieve me of these pressures of responsibility

I've gotta make it happen
Gotta find that pot of gold
If there was just some way to know just what the future holds
(Spoken) What the future holds!

[Thanks to Angela & Michaela for lyrics]

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