School of Rock the musical - Dewey's Confession Lyrics

Broadway production (2015)
School of Rock the Musical - Dewey's Confession Lyrics

"Dewey's Confession" is a song from the Broadway musical 'School of Rock' performed by Alex Brightman (Dewey), Sierra Boggess (Rosalie), Mamie Parris (Patty), Spencer Moses (Ned) and Parents.

Patty: (spoken) He's an imposter!
This is the real Ned Schneebly, and this loser, is Dewey Finn.
He's not even a teacher! He can barley read!

Dewey: (sung) Alright,
Yes I confess that my actual name is Dewey Finn.

Parent: (spoken) NO!

Dewey: (sung) Yes indeed.
And although you should know I'm not licensed to teach,
I promise you, I can read.

Parent: (spoken) Oh my god!

Dewey: (sung) But forget who or what I might happen to be,
These children of yours have truly touched me.
And I can assure I have definitely touched them.
(spoken) well most of them.

Parents: (sung) I got it through,
She had no clue, we're gonna sue, where is she?

Patty: That pile of epic fail!

Parents: How would you see that you allow?
That little creep come pass!

Patty: His ass belongs in jail!

Parents: fifty thousand bucks a year,
How could have we happened here!

Rosalie: (spoken) just calm down.

Parents: (sung) How. You'll tell us how and that.

(spoken) (overlapping) just calm down now
I employ there's no need to be alarmed,
And I encase to assure you that no children here were harmed.
While this criminal intrusion unexceptionable invest,
Let's not jump to conclusions to the damage is assessed.
If there's anyone to blame it's all completely mine,
I'm the one who came here no one else can resign.
Now I got your attention I think we can confirm just LISTEN!

(sung) (overlapping) Here at Horace Green, a total outrage.
We want answers.
Here at Horace Green, Jesus it's unseen.
We'll pull our children send them elsewhere.
Somewhere we can trust!
Here at Horace Green, how could this HAPPEN!

Rosalie: (spoken) sorry to inform you,
That all of your children, are missing.

[Thanks to Maddox B for lyrics]

School of Rock the musical Dewey's Confession lyrics

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Broadway production (2015)
School of Rock the Musical Lyrics

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