Spies Are Forever the musical - Prisoner of My Past Lyrics

A New Comedy Musical (2016)
Spies Are Forever the Musical - Prisoner of My Past Lyrics

Song "Prisoner of My Past" performed by Mary Kate Wiles (Tatiana) from the musical SPIES ARE FOREVER!

Tatiana: At the tender age of four, I was an instrument of war.
An assassin for the KGB.
They taught me how to kill with efficiency and skill and took me from my family.
By the age of thirteen, I was a killing machine.
The deadliest in all the regime.
I killed without emotion, evil deeds unspoken.
Sometimes I still hear them scream...

(spoken) Eventually it became too much.
I left the country leaving my family behind.
I couldn't contact them.
The only way to help them was to abandon them.

Curt: (spoken) And Von Nazi promised you a way to get them back.

(spoken) For a price. He has my entire history in his pocket.
If that information fell into the wrong hands...

I thought I could be free and protect my family.
I almost had a second chance.
So, now you see, I guess I'll always be a prisoner of my past.

[Thanks to Blythe for lyrics]

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