Spamilton - Daveed Diggs - The Fresh Prince of Big Hair Lyrics

2016 An American Parody of the Broadway show Hamilton
Spamilton the Musical - Daveed Diggs - The Fresh Prince of Big Hair Lyrics

Hi, I'm Daveed Diggs
And I've got something to say
I'm tired of worrying whether or not you will like it
I'm tired trippin' over whether somebody will buy it
I got a lot to offer when life is unfair
But under pressure I'm the fresher prince of Bel-air

Now this is the story all around town
How my life got flipped, turned upside-down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of big hair

On the west coast, I was born and raised
Where horny Californians are hip-hop crazed
Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool
And check it out, chicks, my rappin', it's cool
When a couple of guys who were up to no good
Cast me in a musical up in the hood
I met Lin-Manuel and Thomas Kail was there
They said your talent ups the ante, but why the big hair?

I went as Thomas Jefferson and then I got cast
But when I rap as Lafayette nobody's as fast

I'm constantly confused 'cause I'm a half-black jewish mensch-man
Every night though I steal the show as America's rapping frenchman!
(Daveed Diggs)
I'm gonna get hoarse when I strain
And my red throat better than bloodstains
(Daveed Diggs)
And I'm never gonna stop until my chords all pop
And burn them up shattering the pain
(Daveed Diggs)
Hear me abusing, I'm bruisin', I'm misusing, but
(Daveed Diggs)
This crazy rap is such fun
(Daveed Diggs)
But it makes my throat numb

Perfect riffs
Until the tempo shifts
But for this to succeed, we have to pick up speed!
(Daveed Diggs!)
Jaws squeezed, every word like a wrench
But I rap even faster in French I mean-
(Daveed Diggs!)
Jadu, action movies eventually
Their gonna torture me on a bench I mean-
(Rap James Bond)
I'm a star in the making, that Grammy was mine for the taking
(Go for it)
When I rap you can stand back
(Rap for us)
When I'm done bring the band back
(Give us more...)

Well there you have it
Weren't you all impressed?
And remember it's even better when I'm undressed
My flashy white smiles tempt the ladies fair
And my other big parts match my really big hair
The freestyle love supremes want me on board
It's no wonder I'm the winner of a tony award
Why not try my rapid rappin' well don't even dare
I'm the king of rapping lyrics and the prince of big hair

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Daveed Diggs - The Fresh Prince of Big Hair lyrics Spamilton the Musical