Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Cries Lyrics

2016 An American Parody of the Broadway show Hamilton
Spamilton the Musical - Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Cries Lyrics

*Gun Shot*

Stay alive... Stay alive... Stay alive.


I finally get to be more than a puppet
I get the last saying.
(She finishes our story.)
There's a lot I have to rap up!
There's 525, 000 words in this play,
But I can't take too long
'Cause were running out of time.
My sister Angelica, expires, and makes me cry.
And I'm still not through,
I'll tell you everyone dies and I'll make you cry!
My son dies just like Alexander,
And my clinically depressed daughter.
It's so sad you'll cry!
That's all after Martha Washington lives on with
Her feral tomcat 'Hammy'
Who gets eaten by Jefferson's dog.
Who dies of rabies! Like Marie Antoinette,
And you'll be so confused you'll cry!
I raise funds in D.C. for the Washington Monument!
(But it cracks and needs repair and we cry!!)
Just when you think I can rinse more tears out of you,
I tell you about–
(The orphanage...)
I established the first private orphanage in New York City.
(Aww... The orphanage.)
I help to raise big, healthy orphans.
I get to see them growing, and growing, and growing.
(The orphanage)
In her eyes I see the future,
Of Broadway.
And we cry!

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