Cool Duel Lyrics

2016 An American Parody of the Broadway show Hamilton
Spamilton the Musical - Cool Duel Lyrics

You wanna get a hit in this business?
Rap less, sing more!

I wanna get even with Jersey Boys!

Well then get cheesy!

I wanna bust Paranoid!

Get sleesy!

I wanna kill Cats!

Then let's duel!
Duel, duel.
Crazy duel.
Let's duel boy!
Gotta rifle, In your ruffles,
Let's have a duel boy!
Broadway shot, so let it rot!
Who cares if its dead?
Just pretend, and in the end,
You'll live it up and sing white bread.
Duel, duel.
Crazy duel!
Ain't low boy,
Don't inspire aiming higher,
Great art is slow boy!
You make dough, but not if your art is cruel boy!
Don't be a fool duel boy!
Let's duel.

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