Ticket Beggar Woman #3 Lyrics

2016 An American Parody of the Broadway show Hamilton
Spamilton the Musical - Ticket Beggar Woman #3 Lyrics

For a desperate diva!
I need Hamilton tickets!

Thank you sir!
Thank you...
What are these?

Two first for 'Shuffle Along'!

Ugh! That show closed after Adra left.
Hey don't you know me people?

Your Adra McDonald! The 'has been'!
You haven't won a TONY in months!
Off with you I say! Off!

For a women expecting-

Adra. Adra leave this poor boy alone.

Thank you Brian Stokes Michael!
These tickets begged woman are everywhere.
They are very creepy.

Wait! Wait!
Hamilton makes all the money.
Stokes, we need to star in a epic
musical, about an American President.

Historic shows has made a comeback!
How cool they are.

How wise they seem!

And now that we're old enough,
We'll star as the Roosevelts!
We don't have the range!
And we'll look really strange.
But we'll sing like a dream!

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