Ticket Beggar Woman Lyrics

2016 An American Parody of the Broadway show Hamilton
Spamilton the Musical - Ticket Beggar Woman Lyrics

TICKETS, for a miserable woman.
I need Hamilton tickets, badly.
Oh thank you sir, thank you... wait a minute,
These won't do these are for Tuck Neverlasting.

Hamilton's what I want a chair for and Ill go bare for,
Even a half obstructed seat.
Having a pair as rare a rubies, look at my boobies.
Hamilton puts me into heat.
TICKETS, for an unemployed actress who nobody will cast.

Hey! Don't i know you lady...

That's right its me I'm Bernadette,
And I've gone jig-jig trying to get a seat.

Off with you i say off!

TICKETS, for a desperate diva.
Not a day goes by and i don't get a seat.
And I'm losing my mind-d

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