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It's a pleasant little kingdom
Full of pleasant little days,
There are charities and lectures
And flowers to raise.
There are amateur dramatics
And Quidditch matches,
And I go to civic luncheons
When there's someone to remind me
And I study the piano
And I never look behind me.

It's a merry little kingdom
Full of merry little chores.
Lots of gardening and fixing,
All very outdoors.
In the driveway is a sports car
I shouldn't have bought.

And if on occasion I think about you
I eliminate the thought.

So I read a little here
And I sew a little there
And the children disappear
And the castle needs repair
And I never shed a tear
And I never turn a hair
And then!
It's a pleasant little kingdom
Full of pleasant little things,
Full of scintillating dinners
With neighbouring kings.
There's a castle in the country
For weekends of rest
And we entertain at parties
In the little time remaining
And we're entertained by others
And it's very entertaining.

An efficient little kingdom,
The dominion of the Queen,
Where at any given moment
The ashtrays are clean.
There are many little battles
Which never are fought.

And if on occasion I think about you,
I eliminate the  thought.

So I write another book
And I head another drive
And we take a trip we took
And the dinner guests arrive,
And unless you really look,
You would think we were alive.
God help me Sally , I've loved you all my life!

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