A Strange Loop - Boundaries Lyrics

2019 Off-Broadway
A Strange Loop the Musical - Boundaries Lyrics

Performed by Larry Owens (Usher)

Why did I do that?
What did that do for me?
What a performance
Where are my boundaries?

I threw my hands up
He blew my house down
All I ever wanted was to jump off of a precipice
Launch my golden parachute
A win for the record book
Thought I had what it took
Not as smart as I look
Because now I'm practically in traction

Why did I do that?
Down on my hands and knees
Why play submissive?
What are my boundaries?

Thought it would learn me
If I let it burn me
All I ever wanted was to show that I was tough enough
Big enough and strong enough
To slow down a speeding train
Outrun the bulls in Spain
I swerved outside my lane
My brakes went out, and now I'm broken

Still I beat myself up
Still I knock myself down
And still I flip myself off in the mirror
Which makes me feel really bad
Which makes me feel really good
Which makes me feel like the stupidest asshole

Rubber wants to hit the open road
But I keep dwelling on the past
I pray that some day I will change
Stranger things have happened
Each time I try to chart my course
Wild horses throw me off by force

The same old story
Lurching after glory
And I fall short

Why do I do this?
Bow down and people please?
I can't know freedom
Without clear boundaries
'Til I draw boundaries
I have no boundaries

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A Strange Loop Boundaries Lyrics