Dance, Little Lady Lyrics

1928 Broadway
This Year of Grace the Musical - Dance, Little Lady Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Noël Coward.

Though you're only seventeen
Far too much of life you've seen,
Syncopated child.
Maybe if you only knew
Where your path was leading to
You'd become less wild.
But I know it's vain
Trying to explain
While there's this insane
Music in your brain.

Dance, dance, dance little lady,
Youth is fleeting to the rhythm beating
In your mind.

Dance, dance, dance little lady,
So obsessed with second best,
No rest you'll ever find,
Time and tide and trouble
Never, never wait.
Let the cauldron bubble
Justify your fate.
Dance, dance, dance little lady,
Leave tomorrow behind.

When the saxophone
Gives a wicked moan,
Charleston hey hey,
Rhythms fall and rise,
Start dancing to the tune,
The band's crooning
For soon
The night will be gone,
Start swaying like a reed
Without heeding
The speed
That hurries you on.
Nigger melodies
Syncopate your nerves
Till your boby curves
Drooping stooping,
Laughter some day dies
And when the lights are starting to gutter
Dawn through the shutter
Shows you're living in a world of lies.

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This Year of Grace Dance Little Lady Lyrics

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