Tuck Everlasting - Join the Parade Lyrics

A New Broadway Musical (2016)
Tuck Everlasting the Musical - Join the Parade Lyrics

Song from the musical 'Tuck Everlasting' performed by Terrence Mann (Man in the Yellow Suit) and Fair Musicians.

The Man in the Yellow Suit and Carnies:
Join the parade, fall in line for the fair.
Before the sun sets, before we roll on.
Ladies and gents, our Midway presents
A tonic for the woebegone!

The Man in the Yellow Suit:
Come to the fair, the best day of the year.
They say it won't last, and sonny, they're right!
A merriment maker, fill in an acre -

The Man in the Yellow Suit and Carnies:
But the tent comes down tonight!

[Thanks to Jessica for lyrics]

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