Tuck Everlasting - Good Girl Winnie Foster Lyrics

A New Broadway Musical (2016)
Tuck Everlasting the Musical - Good Girl, Winnie Foster Lyrics

"Good Girl Winnie Foster" is a song from the musical 'Tuck Everlasting' performed by Sarah Charles Lewis (Winnie) and Mothers.

I’m trapped in a house so sad and lonely
On a street named Main,
But you could call it Only.
Is it rude to say I’d volunteer
For a day of fun just once a year.
I’d fly the coop, if only I could.
But I’ve got a really bad case of being good.

I’d go find trouble,
if there was some to get in.
Ask a friend to play,
If I had one to let in.
Nana’s rocker’s sawing through the floor
Every day like the one before,
We lock ourselves behind that door.
Is it wrong to wish for something more?

[Frog croaking]

Winnie’s Mother:  Winne why did your dress just croak?
Winnie: Meet my new friend Toad! I found him by the fence.
Winnie’s Mother: Winnie you know better than that!
Take that filthy thing outside where it belongs.
Winnie: Yes mother.

Good girl Winnie Foster, every day,
Is in bed at seven
Good girl Winnie Foster, every day,
Is a well behaved eleven
But some days,
I wanna raise,
A little something more than heaven.

Well Toad, we blew it.  But at least it got us out of the house.

Are you from the wood?
I’m not allowed there.
Big news, I know.
I’m not allowed anywhere.
Now here’s your chance to disappear
Go have fun, I’ll be right here.
Tied to a string, like a precious pearl
It's a pretty tight leash for a really good girl
Good girl Winnie Foster, every day,                     Winnie’s Mother, Nana, & Chorus:
.                                                                    [overlapping and echoing]Winnie
Is in bed at seven                                                      Come inside!
Good girl Winnie Foster, every day,                               Winnie
Is a well behaved eleven                                             Come inside!
But some days,                                                          Winnie
I wanna raise,
A little something more than heaven.

Some days,
I wanna raise,
A little something more than heaven

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