She'd Appreciate It

She'd Appreciate It Lyrics

That's What Kids Do Musical - She'd Appreciate It

They’re gone again
Here I am
All alone once again, with nothing to do
In my solitude
My mother can’t play now
Gotta find a way to cope somehow
The hour is long, times are gettin’ rough
What else can I do, but get into my sister’s stuff?

Barbie needs a haircut what do you say?
I really think my sister would like her that way
She’d appreciate it
Let’s go investigate it

I really think that doll house could use some paint
My sister will come home and call me a saint
For all the work I did
She’d appreciate it!

I could spend my time doin’ things for myself
But there’s such pleasure
doin’ things for somebody else, so…

My sister’s bike has a flat
I’m very certain I can fix that
Where’s the super glue?
I’ll make it good as new!
These are things she will appreciate!

Hannah: Oh I think I hear my sister coming in right now! Hi sis!
Jen: Oh what have you done!?!

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