That's What Kids Do! 1

That's What Kids Do! Lyrics

That's What Kids Do Musical - That's What Kids Do!

Think I’ll take off my shoes
and I’ll run outside in the rain
Come on and I’ll race you
‘Cause that’s what kids do

We’re on a search for
the biggest puddle we can find
Come on and jump in
“Cause that’s what kids do

Care for a mud pie my friend
Oh yes please, and with plenty of leaves
and sticks mixed in!

If you see me by days end,
and I’m all covered with dirt
Don’t let me alarm you
‘Cause that’s what kids do

Got my room half cleaned up,
Mom, isn’t that enough?
I Need to dance and play
Oh what a great day!

I know my homework isn’t done
Can’t I finish later on?
I need to have some fun
‘Cause that’s what kids do


verse 2

(after modulation, sing verse and counter melody)

© 2000 by Cathy Block
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