The Visit the musical - Love and Love Alone Lyrics

2015 Broadway production
The Visit the Musical - Love and Love Alone Lyrics

"Love and Love Alone" is a song from The Visit the Broadway Musical performed by Chita Rivera (Claire Zachanassian).

When you're young,
Feeling oh so strong
What can prove you wrong?
Love, and love alone.

When the sun,
Seems forever bright
What can dim it's light?
Love, and love alone.

So beware young love, lost in a kiss
There's a truth young love, simple as this:
Every fond hello, ends in goodbye.
What seems certain to live, will die.

So enjoy all the time there is
If you're here, be here.
Make each day your own.

When tomorrow's come
And your heart is stone
What has made it numb?
Love and love alone.

Love and love alone.

[Thanks to Keith Fahey for corrections]

THE VISIT Musical Love and Love Alone Lyrics by Chita Rivera (Claire Zachanassian)

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Chita Rivera Love and Love Alone Lyrics visit musical lyrics