The Visit the musical - A Confession Lyrics

2015 Broadway production
The Visit the Musical - A Confession Lyrics

"A Confession" is a song from The Visit the Broadway Musical performed by Chita Rivera (Claire Zachanassian) and Entourage .

There are untold riches under the land here! Land rich in oil and minerals!
Land mysteriously bought beneath our very feet and just as mysteriously allowed to remain undeveloped.

Buy us back our land that’s all we ask. There is oil beneath Pocket Rid Valley, madame!

CLAIRE (Rudely sarcastic)
There’s oil beneath the valley?
Well I had never known it!
But I can’t buy the valley!
You see
I own it.

You own it?!

I own it.

Then, buy us back Conrad Village Wood!
There is a wealth of minerals just waiting to be mined there, we will be back on our feet in no time!

Now, when it comes to mind,
I’m a fool, I can’t deny it!
But since I already bought it,
There’s no way I can buy it.

She’s bought that too!

She’s bought everything!
Then it was YOU who destroyed Bracken!

As surely as YOU destroyed me!
I own the foundry on Diditoff Square!
And Backmans!
And that church over there
The Tobler Factory too!
Believe me good neighbors, I do!
I told my agents,
Go out and buy everything!
Shut all their coo-coo clocks down!
A little of this,
A whole lot of that!
There’s nothing too good for this town!
Now the pain that I felt,
From the hand I was dealt,
Has been finally, nearly, erased!
Your hopes were lunacy!
Your sacrifice, foolish!
Your lives has been a useless waste!

Have you no feelings for humanity?!

CLAIRE (Laughing and mocking his remark)
Feelings for humanity?!
Can't you see?
Are for ordinary millionaires,
Not me!
With resources like mine,
I can afford,
A higher justice!
A new world order!
It’s perfectly bright!
It’s perfectly pure!
It’s perfectly clear somehow!
The world has made me into a whore!
Right boys?!

The world has made her into a whore!

You too! You too!

The world has made her into a whore!

Louder! Louder!

The world has made her into a whore!

That’s better!
I make the world my brothel now!

[Thanks to Colden Lamb for lyrics]

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A Confession lyrics from The Visit the musical