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2016 Broadway Production
Waitress the Musical - What's Inside Lyrics

"What's Inside" is a song from the musical "Waitress" performed by Jessie Mueller (Jenna) & Company. Music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles.

Sugar, sugar
Sugar, butter
Sugar, butter
Sugar, butter, flour
Sugar, butter, flour
Sugar, butter, flour
Sugar, butter, flour

My hands pluck the things I know that I'll need
I take the sugar and butter from the pantry
I add the flour to begin what I am hoping to start
And then it's down with the recipe
And bake from the heart

And butter
And flour
And mother

What's inside?
Everyone wants to know what's inside
And I always tell them but I
Feel more than words can say
You wanna know what's inside?
Simple question, so then what's the answer?
My whole life is in here
In this kitchen baking
What a mess I'm making

[Thanks to Doug, Michaela McLeod for corrections these lyrics]

Waitress the musical What's Inside Lyrics

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What's Inside lyrics from Waitress musical sung by Jessie Mueller