Water for Elephants - Silver Stars Lyrics

2024 Broadway
Water for Elephants the Musical - Silver Stars Lyrics

The song is written by PigPen Theatre Co. Performed by Grant Gustin.

Is this what it feels like
To finally feel right?
There's some hope in the wind
It blows my way again

It's kind but it's confusing
To wanna hold something worth losing
To wanna hold it again knowing
That it will end
Knowing the dark of the night's
What makes the stars so bright
They seem steady and unmoving
But I know they're spinning
Away towards the day
And I hear them sing

La da da da da da
La da da da da da da da

But who am I to say out loud
That I feel this way
Keep it quiet inside
It'll fade away
Like everything else in this life
This life
Just keep your lips tight

So when you see the stars in her eyes
Treat 'em like a big surprise
Even though in your mind
You've got 'em all memorized

They can steal your house
They can steal your land
You can beg and plead
They'll still leave you for dead
But you know you're alive
Cause she stole your breath
And you wish she would do it
Again and again and again

Silver stars in the sky
Silver stars in the sky
Silver stars in the sky
They can't steal them
As hard as they try...

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