Water for Elephants - SYNOPSIS

2024 Broadway
Water for Elephants the Musical - SYNOPSIS

Jacob Jankowski, an old man living in an assisted living home, thinks back to his youth. In 1931, after his parents were killed in a car accident, Jankowski decides to travel cross-country on the Benzini Brothers Circus train. The ringmaster, August, invites Jankowski to join the circus after learning he is a veterinarian. Soon after, August buys an elephant, Rosie, and puts Marlena, his wife, and Jacob in charge of training her. Jacob soon finds himself falling for Marlena as the two attempt to train the stubborn elephant, all the while slowly realizing August's cruelty.

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Water for Elephants the Musical Lyrics

Anywhere/Another Train
The Lion Has Got No Teeth
I Choose the Ride
Ode to an Elephant
I Shouldn't Be Surprised
Silver Stars
The Grand Spec
You've Got Nothing, Pt. 1
You've Got Nothing, Pt. 2
What Do You Do?
The Road Don't Make You Young
Go Home
I Choose the Ride (Reprise)