We Will Rock You Musical - SYNOPSIS

- Act One -
Three hundred years from today. Globalsoft runs the world, and musical instruments are outlawed.

Pop, a librarian, is discovered by the secret police reading the Secret Histories. He tells Khashoggi, the head of the police, about a prophecy he has read, "that salvation is to be found there, at the place of the champions, and that a bright, bright star will show the way". Khashoggi has him taken away.

School is ending for the year (Radio Gaga). Everyone is celebrating, except for one young man who calls himself Galileo Figaro. He hates the constraints placed on him by Globalsoft, and wants to make his own music (I Want to Break Free). His teacher reports him subversive thoughts to Khashoggi, and also tells him of another graduate who is displaying too much individuality, Scaramouche, who at the moment is busy fighting with the GaGa girls (Someone to Love). Both students are arrested.

The head of Globalsoft makes an impressive entrance (Killer Queen). Khashoggi reports on his work to break the resistance, and the prophecy that Pop had mentioned. The Killer Queen instructs him to do whatever is necessary to find the instruments that may still be hidden. She also sets out to distract all citizens who may be attracted to the rebels (Play the Game).

Galileo is questioned by Khashoggi. He reveals that he hears strange phrases in his head, but doesn't know where they come from or what they mean. He and Scaramouche both wake to find themselves on gurneys. They start to talk and realize they have quite a bit in common (Under Pressure). They take off together.

The Killer Queen and Khashoggi blow up Stonehenge looking for the elusive instruments. They both look forward to a time when all resistance is ended (A Kind of Magic).

Elsewhere, members of the bohemian resistance are gathering materials to try to create their own instruments. They've gone underground, sacrificed everything, to try to rediscover the music that used to exist (I Want it All). Galileo and Scaramouche arrive, while the bohemians hide themselves. Galileo tells Scaramouche more about his dreams and the phrases he hears in his head. The bohemians recognize the words and think they must be spies, but Galileo manages to convince them that he's sincere. The bohemians take them back to their hide-out (Headlong).

The group arrives at the "Heartbreak Hotel". There, Galileo and Scaramouche are introduced to the rest of the Bohemian resistance. They have been waiting for a "dreamer", someone to lead them, and they think Galileo may be the one (No One But You). Galileo's not sure though - he doesn't even know what rock 'n' roll is. Neither do the Bohemians, though they try to demonstrate (Crazy Little Thing Called Love).

Khashoggi arrives. He had implanted surveillance devices on Galileo and Scaramouche, and followed them to the hide-out. A huge fight follows, and most of the bohemians are arrested, but Galileo and Scaramouch are able to escape.

- Act Two -
The other citizens go mindlessly about their lives, unaware of the struggle taking place (One Vision). Galileo and Scaramouche find the tracking devices on their bodies, and Scaramouche is able to reverse them. They realize that, despite their current freedom, they will almost certainly be captured and killed in the end, and this prompts them to declare their love for each other (Who Wants to Live Forever).

The Bohemians are interrogated by Khashoggi. He isn't able to get much useful information from them, but orders that their minds be erased (Flash/Seven Seas of Rhye). Galileo wakes up from a dream, where he envisioned what was happening to the Bohemians. Scaramouche already knows what's happened - she has been spying on Khashoggi with the reversed surveillance bugs. They both decide to try to save their friends by going to the Seven Seas of Rhye, but argue about how to do it, and end up barely speaking.

Khashoggi takes this good news of the Bohemians' capture to the Killer Queen, who begins to celebrate (Don't Stop Me Now), until he informs her that Galileo and Scaramouche are still on the loose. She threatens him with what will happen to him if they're not stopped (Another One Bites the Dust).

Galileo and Scaramouche are making their way to the Bohemians, still fighting all the way (Hammer to Fall). Meanwhile, Pop is playing bartender to the empty-headed Bohemians, as he reminisces that These Are the Days of Our Lives. Galileo and Scaramouche enter and are thrilled to see their friends, but no one recognizes them. Pop's memory wasn't completely erased though, and he shares with them what he remembers of the Sacred Histories. He sets off with Galileo and Scaramouche in search of the place of champions.

The trio arrive at Wembley Stadium, but there are no instruments in sight. Galileo decides to try it a capella, and before long, a guitar is found, and they begin to rock full-out (We Will Rock You). Pop broadcasts their song to the world, and the bohemians show up, as does the Killer Queen. She tries to seduce Galileo with offers of money and fame. But he just wants to play, and her reign is over (We Are the Champions). The Bohemians finally have their Rhapsody.