2012 Music and lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
35MM: A Musical Exhibition - Finale Lyrics

Stop time, captured lights
Gathered imaging, on photosites
A sensor, small like a tooth
Records in stages, pixel pages of truth
Still there

Stop time, something there
Keeps you right in it, change a side a bit
Makes you care (Makes you there) There
Or at least stare

Oh a life
Stopped in pose
In a world that never goes

I'm running mid a road as
I'm chased through a town, psychotic
(Good lady, good, good lady)
Mama, let me in
(I saw a devil before me, and he took me by the face)
Much like my mother crying (cut me a piece of you)
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
You idle boy
You idle boy (you idle boy)
You idle boy

Time stops
By a photograph
Time stops
A moment split in half
Stop time (capture light)
Capture lights
It's the final flame for what's in the frame
It's not right
It's not wrong
In its depth, its height, its color, its plight, its wonder
Its song
It's whats inside

In focus (Focus, focus)
So focus (Focus, focus)
And focus (their life still there)
Their life, of focus (hold still)
Their life (in focus)
Still whole (hold still)
More light, more focus
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh
Their life, focus
(Still, hold) in focus
(Their life) more light
(Still there) more focus
Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, HOLD!

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