9 To 5 - Always a Woman Lyrics

2019 West End
9 To 5 The Musical - Always a Woman Lyrics

(Brian Conley)

They think they'll get by with these gadgets and ties,
And sticking a gag in my mouth, and in my house!
They best think again, cause I won't let them win.
They’re just women, they’re stupid and they’re loud
But I'll get out!

Always a woman.
Always a woman.
They belong in the bedroom not the boardroom I say
Always a woman.
That keeps our world hummin’
If they’re willin’
To stay in their place

To stay in their place, yeah!
Let me hear the bass, come on!
Let me hear the bass, alright!

Yeaah! Ahhhhh!

I’m going nuts
With my nuts in a truss
With all circulation  cut off
I cant even cough
But I’ve got their number
And they’re going under
I’ll show em than I’m still the boss
They’ll pay the cost

Always a woman
Always a woman
In the story of man
They were made to serve us
Now they want a sequel
To make themselves equal
They just changed the rules and it sucks
It sucks!

Always a woman
Always a woman
They should dress in a way
That cannot be ignored
Their curves on display
And their skirt hitched halfway
Halluluah and praise the lord

Praise praise the Lord
Praise praise the Lord
Who, of course….Is a man

Yeah yeah yeahhhhhh

Get me down

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Always a Woman lyrics to 9 to 5 the Musical

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