Allegiance - Should I? Lyrics

Broadway production (2015)
Allegiance The Musical - Should I? Lyrics

Song from the musical Allegiance performed by Katie Rose Clarke.

There's a line between should and shouldn't
And I never have crossed it
Tried to hold myself back but I couldn't
I used to have judgement how could I have lost it?

I've been willfully playing with fire
Now it's drawing me in
With no net, and walking on wire
How could I let him sink under my skin?

But the rule is stay far from him
Still my heart skips a beat
Life in here may be sink or swim
But he makes it strangely sweet

There's a line between should and shouldn't
But it's starting to vanish
If I could let this go, I wouldn't
No one can tell me which feelings to banish

Rules are rules
They always apply
I follow the rules
But should I?
Should I?

Rules are rules
But I don't know why
I follow the rules
I follow the rules
But should I?
Should I?
Should I?
Should I?

[Thanks to snowyrascal for lyrics]

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