Alice by Heart - PLOT SYNOPSIS

2019 Off-Broadway
Alice by Heart the Musical - PLOT SYNOPSIS

The musical takes place in 1941, in the debris after the London Blitz of World War II. The life of teen Alice Spencer is disrupted, as she and her best friend Alfred are forced to take shelter in a London underground tube station. However, Alfred, suffering from tuberculosis, is quarantined. Alice urges him to escape with her into their cherished book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and travel down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. Nurse Cross, who is in charge of keeping everyone safe, rips Alice's book as a punishment for visiting Alfred, despite his quarantine. Alice becomes very defiant and declares she knows it "by heart" and will read to him anyway. The people hiding in the shelter slowly change into some of the book's characters, and Alfred himself changes into the White Rabbit. During her time in Wonderland, Alice changes parts of the story- such as spending too much time with the White Rabbit and forgetting Chapter 3. She receives advice from the Cheshire Cat; gets teased by not one, but two, Caterpillars; dances the Lobster Quadrille with the White Rabbit; gets berated for growing up too fast by the Duchess; plays croquet with the Queen of Hearts and other slight twists on scenes from Alice in Wonderland. Alfred tires of being the White Rabbit and wants to finish his life as himself, in the bunker with Alice, so he attempts to get her to finish the story early by taunting her as the March Hare. During the trial, Alice stands up for herself, and finally Alfred joins her, and with the help of Tabatha as the Cheshire Cat, break out of Wonderland, and back into the bunker. Alfred and Alice then admit their feelings for each other before Alfred dies. The show ends with Alice finally accepting Alfred's death, and trying to be optimistic about life with everyone else in the bunker.

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Alice by Heart the Musical Lyrics

West of Words
Down the Hole
Chillin' the Regrets
The Key Is
Those Long Eyes
Manage Your Flamingo
Sick to Death of Alice-ness
Brillig Braelig
Some Things Fall Away
Your Shell of Grief
Another Room in Your Head
Isn't It a Trial?
Do You Think We Think You're Alice?
I've Shrunk Enough
Winter Blooms