Kiss Me Lyrics

1929 West End
Bitter Sweet the Musical - Kiss Me Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Noël Coward.

'Tis time that we were parted,
You and I,
However broken-hearted,
'Tis goodbye l Although our love has ended
And darkness has descended,
I call to you with one last cry:

Kiss me
Before you go away
l miss me
Through every night and day,
Though clouds are grey above you,
You'll hear me say I love you !

Kiss me
Before you go away!
Parmi les chansons tristes De l'amour,
Joies et chagrins existent Tour A tout,
Et presqu'avec contrainte
On risque la douce Ctreinte
Qui nous &pare enfin toujours.

Je t'aime,
Tes baisers m'ont grists,
Meme A l'heure de t'en aller,
La voluptk troublante
Brise mes ltvres brulantes,
Je t'aime,
A l'heure de t'en aller.

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Bitter Sweet the Musical Lyrics

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