Billy Elliot Musical - Expressing Yourself Lyrics

2008 Broadway
Billy Elliot the Musical - Expressing Yourself Lyrics

Is it sinful if you're blue
To cheer up the place?
What is wrong with dressing up in satin and lace?
Get some earrings, some mascara, heels and a fan.
Pretty soon you will start to feel a different man.

What the hells wrung with expressing yourself?
Being who you want to be?
Will anybody die if you put on a dress?
Who the hell cares if your blushers a mess?

Start a new fashion, buck all the trends.
Emphasise in-teg-rit-eeeee.

Cos what the hell is wrong with expressing yourself
For wanting to be me?

What the hell is wrong with wearing a dress?
Being who you wanna be?

Who the hell is it you try to impress
All you have to do is learn to care less
Start a new fashion, buck all the trends

Billy, sing something to me

What the hell is wrong with expressing yourself?
For trying to be free.

If you manna be a dancer, dance
If you manna be a miner, mine
If you want to dress like somebody else,
Fine, fine, fine.

It's not a big statement, it's not a weird act
Just a good idea at the time
We'll not complain about your boring life
If you'll just leave mete mine.
If you wanna be a dancer, dance
If you wanna be a miner, mine

Everyone is different
It's the natural state
It's the facts, it's plain to see,
The world's grey enough without making it worse
What we need is in-div-id-ual-ity.

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