Bring It On the Musical - Killer Instinct Lyrics

2012 Broadway
Bring It On the Musical - Killer Instinct Lyrics

(Performs - Eva)

Dear God up in heaven, a prayer for Campbell,
Once she was my hero,
Now she's a disgrace.
I'm here on top and she's less than zero,
dragging me down to save face.
She always worked hard, she was trusting and fair,
And lord that's the crux of her problem right there.

You need that killer instinct to give you the nerve
To grab everything you want in life but may not deserve,
Like if some girl's in your way there's only one thing to do
You blackmail your mother who sits on the school board,
To get Campbell transferred
And ripped from the life that she knew

And your dreams come true,
And your dreams come true, and your dreams come true
And your dreams come true, oh, oh,

it takes that killer instinct, that killer desire,
Are you the little ant or do you set the ants on fire,
And if there's two girls in line to lead the team before you

Then you hack the school system
And change Skyler's grade from a D to an F then
You hire some sick guy to lick Kyler's toothbrush so
She contracts mono now no one is left to be Captain so they turn to you

And your dreams come true,

Do I sound awful what have I become?
Who's that girl in the mirror I see?
Some backstabbing wack-job I'd run screaming from,
Oh god I just love being me!

Wouldn't all of you kill to be me!?

You need that killer instinct, since time first began,
From Genghis Khan to Bristol Palin you need a killer plan
You need to reach the top if it's the last thing you do

I'm the girl to beat, the high school queen,
Seniors kiss my ass and I'm just 15

(Chorus): and soon the world will know her name

I'm raisin' hell, and I'm a felon in a 4 foot frame

I just use my killer instinct and my dreams come true...ue

[Thanks to Sophia, Ryan for corrections]

Bring It On the musical Killer Instinct Lyrics

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