Bend It Like Beckham - Bend It Lyrics

New Modern British Musical (2015)
Bend It Like Beckham the Musical - Bend It Lyrics

I mean it’s less like actually lying
It’s more like being select
It’s all a matter of trying to protect the innocent, right?
It’s not as if you’re intending to make them out to be fools
All I’m proposing is bending those tight parental rules
[And that’s a job which calls for special tools]
You bend it, bend it
Truth can take it
Bend it, bend it
Learn to fake it
Don’t say I snogged my dishy coach
Adopt a more discrete approach
It’s all about the way you phrase it
Don’t twist the truth just fail to raise it
Think less in black and white
And more in grey
So keep a check on what you say
And be prepared to meet halfway
And if it’s deftly done then everyone stays friends
When everything, everything bends
[Okay, it’s not a question of hiding /no/
It’s how the facts are expressed. /right/
So really what we’re deciding is what’s best for everyone, yes? /yes/}
If certain facts are unspoken
[Then no one needs to invent]
The rules ain’t there to be broken
[Just maybe slightly bent]
The object is to throw them off the scent
So what can we be less revealing
Acquire the art of neat concealing
Don’t say your tastes incline to men
Say, ‘Have you met my flatmate Sven?’
It’s not about misrepresenting
It’s more a case of reinventing
It’s not the hand you’re dealt
It’s what you play
If you can vet what you convey
Then with a little luck you may by using make-believe
Deceive, achieve your aims
When everything, everything bends
Trouble is they think we’re perfect
Trouble is we so are not
Trouble is they must know something
Trouble is deciding what
So bend it, bend it
Keep them guessing
A tiny lie can be oppressing
But whatever one intends
Remember everything and everyone bends
Remember everything and everyone bends

[Thanks to Alicia for lyrics]

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