Benjamin Scheuer - Weather the Storm Lyrics

Song from Benjamin Scheuer's new album "Songs from THE LION" 2016
Benjamin Scheuer - Weather the Storm Lyrics

Gather round children, come here to my side
Sit by the fire where it’s warm
I’ll tell you something was once told to me
Bout the way that we weather the storm

It’s not how long the rain falls or how hard the wind blows
Or how deep is the snow in the road
Nor the balance we fake when we feel the ground shake
And we think that our world will explode

It’s the help that we give. It’s the love that we live

It’s our pride in the friendships we form

It’s the courage we show facing things we don’t know

It’s the way that we weather the storm

If you try to stand tall but you slip and you fall
In the earth is the sound of the stars
Truth gets revealed when you’re broken and healed
Every heart is made stronger by scars

So go on your journeys; be bold and be brave
Be lions my boys and be strong
And when it is such that it all feels too much
Then remember the words to this song

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Weather the Storm Benjamin Scheuer Lyrics

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