BANDSTAND - This is Life (Reprise) Lyrics

The New American Musical 2017
Bandstand the Musical - This is Life (Reprise) Lyrics

"This is Life (Reprise)" is a song from Bandstand the musical performed by Corey Cott (Donny).

DONNY [spoken]
In five minutes we could be in every living room in America.
Let the guys who made it home know somebody out there has their backs.
“Welcome Home”.

You’re talking about a suicide mission.

Blow it up.

Yeah, blow it up.

Donny, are you sure? We could be blacklisted, or worse.

We’ve all been through worse.

This is no naive Hollywood dream
It's a gutsy risk we'll be taking
Times like this you hold on to what's real
That's the honest statement we're making
I'll march back into battle once more if I'm fighting for what's true

What happened over there is true.
What this band means to all of us is true.
What I feel for you, Julia, is true.
No matter how tough it is,
No matter how much time it takes,
I need to be with you. That is true.

'Cause this is life
With the craziness of
The reality of
The necessity of
Being madly in love with you

[Thanks to Rebecca Gething, Emily for lyrics]

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