BANDSTAND - Ain't We Proud Lyrics

The New American Musical 2017
Bandstand the Musical - Ain't We Proud Lyrics

"Ain't We Proud" is a song from Bandstand the musical performed by Corey Cott (Donny) and The Band.

I know a guy you'd never guess would be a hero, just some mellow average fellow.

To look at you and say well he'd amount to zero, but in combat there's your top cat.

When the chips were down, he earned Uncle Sam renown, and now he's just returned to our hometown.

And after such a vict'ry, you'll forgive me for bragging a bit out loud.

The boys are back and ain't we proud.

<band solos>

And after such a vict'ry, find us gladly greating the cheering crowd.

The Boys are back!

The Boys are back!

The Boys are back!

The Boys are back!

You know the boys are back, and ain't we roaring back, and ain't we back on track, and ain't we proud.

[Thanks to Matt for lyrics]

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Ain't We Proud lyrics from Bandstand the musical

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